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Families First Resilience Report October 2020: Changing Lives Through Therapy

Generations of poverty, social and racial injustice, lack of access to healthcare, and stigma surrounding counseling means many of the families we serve are living with untreated trauma. Now, the mental health issues arising from COVID-19 are creating a second pandemic – one which has yet to be fully recognized.

As a leader in family counseling since 1942, making therapy easily accessible and affordable for everyone in our community has always been a mission of Families First. When Elizabeth began to feel the weight of her anxiety and mental illness diagnosis and tried to seek therapy services through a large Metro healthcare facility, the process was difficult to navigate, with multiple departments to contact and referrals that took months. One call to Families First connected her to a therapist. Our sliding fee scale, along with the flexible virtual sessions made her journey to well-being possible.