Families First Behavioral Health Team Rises to Meet the Needs of Families

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With the disturbing violent events of the past week, on top of the pandemic and one of the most difficult years in our recent history, families everywhere are experiencing mental health crises of epic proportions.

Our collective mental well-being is being tested beyond our strength. Trauma, fear, anxiety and isolation are taking a toll and the Families First Behavioral Health Team is inviting the community to meet with our clinicians to help process the things that are overwhelming you so you can begin to heal.

Building resilience for families is at the core of our work, and our expanded team of professional clinicians are committed to meeting the needs of all individuals and their families who are facing today’s complex life challenges. Whether you are seeking the listening ear of a professional counselor or more long-term intensive psychotherapy support, our licensed clinicians are available 7 days a week, both virtually and socially distanced, with a wide range of insurance options along with a sliding payment scale.
Although Families First has been a respected leader in individual and family counseling since 1942, we are now breaking new ground in our community with a resiliency-based approach to behavioral health. “In order to build resilience for families, you have to measure it.” Families First Clinical Director, Dr. Edward Valentin, explains, “We serve individuals holistically and family-centered because trauma is expansive. The difference between surviving and thriving is dependent on our ability to build resiliency.”  Families First utilizes evidence-based tools to help people set goals for thriving, celebrate their progress in their journey of recovery and set emotional safeguards for the long term.

Using the internationally-recognized Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale, proprietary assessments and a new Navigator Care Model we are moving the whole family forward from surviving to thriving with measurable results.  
If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, or you just need someone to talk to, contact us at 404-853-2844, or counseling@familiesfirst.org for compassionate, non-judgmental and empathetic behavioral health care and support.

We are also hiring additional LPC and LCSW clinicians and we invite you to contact us at counseling@familiesfirst.org for more information.

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