Together we can build resilient families so all children can thrive

What We Do

Families First’s number one goal is to strengthen families.
We have a holistic approach and offer a host of programs designed to help families thrive.

Resiliency Stories

Families First shows results! Read the success stories of our clients who have built resilient families.

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Atlanta, GA

Young Mother Learns Responsibility and Independence

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Atlanta, GA | Age 18

Teenage Mother, Rachel, has a Bright Future!

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Atlanta, GA

Homeless Mother Achieves Life's Mission

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Chonita and Judarise

Atlanta, GA

Single Mom Finds Hope

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Atlanta, GA

Troubled Boy Becomes Successful Young Man

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Adoption Reunion 38 Years in the Making!

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Atlanta, GA | Age 19

Teen Mother Doesn't Let Circumstances Decide Her Future

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